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Monday, September 10, 2012

1.     Explain the record level security on Temporary Tables?

1.     Explain the record level security on ListView, TreeView, or Table form control?

1.     what is the use of display method()?

it gives the security by making the data contol disabled

1.     what is the use of edit method()?

This also used to enforce security,and also give the access to end user to modify the value in that field.

1.     give the syntax of display method()?

Display Itemid  toGetItemId()
   Return ItemId;

2.     give the syntax of edit method()?

Edit  Itemid  toGetItemId()
   Return ItemId;

1.     how to avoid threats when we are using display and edit methods()?

1. Evaluate each display method that returns data from another row,
either in the same table or a different table.
2. Discuss internally if this data poses an information-disclosure threat.
3. If the data poses a threat, perform explicit authorization checks
(discussed in the next topic), and throw an exception if access is
4. Let the Best Practices tool know that you have mitigated a particular
dangerous method. After adding the following comment above a
display method, that best practice error is suppressed
2.     Explain  the authorization checks?